Your Transition Moment


David spent his youth taking care of his father’s sheep in the outback, but on the day when he visited the battleground during a time of national crisis, he didn’t take his sheep along. He didn’t bring his shepherd’s staff either. He only brought his weapon. With it he engaged the challenge facing his leaderless people and led them to victory. From that day on nobody thought of him as a shepherd. He was David, the warrior.

He used this transition opportunity to completely reorient and relaunch his life. After that day he never went back to tending sheep.

Message: Life presents us with these transition opportunities and sometimes there is not much time to decide whether to go for it or not. You have to have thought all that out before and know who you are in your deepest heart and what your core values are. When these moments come to you, there are some things you need to stop doing immediately if you are going to get to the future that’s knocking on your door. It won’t take a number and wait. You have to be ready to go “all in” and let go of the vine you have been swinging on to take hold of a new unknown that is full of potential…..or not. It all depends on you really.

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  1. Jorge A Silva says:

    That transition needed a great anointing! For Moses it took him 40 years…

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