I produce a podcast called Thread. It’s a verse by verse Bible study for spiritual leaders and those who aspire to be.  We are launching Season 3 in 2017 and will be studying what the ministry really means and what it takes to “enter the ministry” of Jesus. I think this study of 2 Corinthians will feed your soul and I hope you’ll join by clicking here.

God willing, I will launch a second podcast this year called “the Borderless Life” to discuss the concept of what it does to us to get past all the typical boundaries and fears that hold us back so we can enter a life of ministry that truly releases the radical life force that Jesus brought to the world.

Video Courses

On the website, you will find nearly 100 videos covering topics related to spirituality, leadership, personal life management and communication. Most are FREE, like this one which I’d love for you to take. “Find Your Calling” is a MediaLight video course that will guide you to understand the Will of God as an unfailing compass to guide you in life.

Outline : The Find Your Calling Course

  • Video Lesson 1: The Quest to Know Our Purpose
  • Video Lesson 2: Do you want to know God’s will or do you just want a good job?
  • Video Lesson 3: Knowing God’s Will and Walking in it
  • Video Lesson 4: Your Central Role in God’s Big Story
  • Video Lesson 5: The Only Time That Matters
  • Video Lesson 6: How MediaLight can Help You on Your Mission

We provide also a ten-step workbook to help you discover your role in God’s big story. Accept your role and you can start your adventure of living in the center of God’s will.  Become a FREE member of the community and you’ll gain access to a wealth of training resources designed to be experienced on a smart phone.


I Want to Bear Fruit: How you can bear fruit for Christ without pressuring others or embarrassing yourself.

Every sincere follower of Christ wants to share their faith. What holds us back is fear. This simple book was written to share a system of personal evangelism that puts God in charge. It allows introverts and extroverts to share their faith as God opens the doors without pressuring others or embarrassing themselves. Nobody wants to be a pushy Bible-thumper–and we don’t have to! God wants us to bear fruit for Him and this book, which has revolutionized lives around the world, will help you learn how.

Sample Topics:

-The world and mindset of the lost
-Four levels of lostness
-How eating food can become an amazing evangelistic strategy
-Why you can count on God to work miracles and coincidences if you volunteer to work with Him in the harvest
-How even Jezebel gets a chance to change
-How to know who is open and seeking
-One sign God will use to show you which person to speak to
-What to say when you get the opportunity
-How to avoid using irritating God-talk
-What’s wrong with conquest evangelism?
-Why introverts make great evangelists

From the Foreward– “Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this book. These pages are profound. Their principles have been tried and tested in the crucible of the daily lives of this remarkable couple. If you can but somehow catch the vision of these practical, yet powerful guidelines for friendship evangelism, you will be amazed at how easy it becomes to impact lives for the cause of Christ. No more excuses!”

Readers’ Comments:  

“God used this book to change my entire manner with people. Today, I’m actually on the mission field full time because of this.”–Panama

“The title alone was worth buying the book! This is the prayer of my heart!” –Lebanon

“I’m praying the prayer in the book every day and doing what it says and amazing things are happening all around me. I have comfortable conversations that are a blessing to the people God leads me to.”–USA

The Quest. A discipleship program you do, not one to study. It is a series of challenges to be completed as a group so that we can be disciples who truly obey the teachings of Jesus, instead of those who just study them.  

We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery. In this little volume you will find ten quests, action-missions, to accomplish. Each one was given originally by Jesus Christ to his followers. By doing these things we are set free from darkness inside that holds us prisoner to lust, greed and fear of man. You won’t be helped by studying this or by talking about it. The power only comes when you do the action. At times, you will fight a great inner battle before you are able to obey. At other times, because you have liberty in that area, certain quests may not seem that challenging. Overall though, these missions will chip away at the worldliness in your life revealing a more Christ-like you. As Jesus said, “You will be blessed if you do them.”

Simple Parenting: How you can raise children who are confident and cooperative.

He’s nine and just won’t listen. She’s fifteen and she won’t talk to you anymore. What do you do? Most parenting techniques come down on one side or the other: do you want a child who obeys you or one who is confident and feels loved? With over 30 years of parenting experience and six children raised to adulthood Dr. Chuck and Sherry Quinley show you how you can have both.

In this book you will learn:

-How to work with the natural flow of the parenting life-cycle
-How to avoid making mistakes that create distance between you and your teen How to control preschool children
-How to help preteens prepare for adulthood
-How to have a more bonded family
-How to keep your marriage strong over the twenty years of raising your children so you don’t fall apart as a couple when they leave
-How to raise confident, yet cooperative children
-How to enjoy your child’s teenage years
-How to nurture your child’s spiritual core

As you apply the book’s core teaching regarding the central task of parenting in each of the phases of your child’s development your child will gain:
-A healthy respect for you. Security in your role as the authority in their life.
-A growing sense of self control and personal discipline.
-Confidence in their own abilities to determine their course in life.
-A cooperative nature that enables them to work with you, not against you in their teen years.
-An appreciation for your sacrifice for them and your high level of trust in them.

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