Season 3,

Thread Season 3 Episode 7 : How Status-seeking Poisons Ministry

April 11, 2017

Ever loved something like a shirt or a haircut or a pair of shoes, then someone makes a negative comment on it and that comment is all you can think about? Insecurity takes over and ruins it all. ¬†We can’t wear that shirt confidently again, all because of the feedback of one person. Humans are like that. We look to others to validate our worth. This insecurity affects us even more when we enter a life of ministry.

Insecurity drives us to seek status. This status-seeking manifests itself in ways that might be comical in other settings, but in the ministry this creates a huge problem, because status-seeking poisons ministry and short circuits the powerful impact that an anointed life can have on another person for Christ. Want to know more? Check out episode seven of Thread.


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