Season 3,

Thread Season 3 Episode 6 : Why Some People Hate Christians and Others Love Them

April 04, 2017

Have you ever known of a person whose presence so changed the room that if they entered it you would turn off the television and stop talking to your friends because you would want to be completely engaged with them? In this episode of Thread, the apostle Paul talks about the way that our very presence will affect other people once we draw close to Christ and become unified and aligned with his heart. When we love what he loves and hate what he hates we will come to have his fragrance on us and this will affect other people. Some of them will be fascinated by it and irresistibly drawn to us so that, through our relationship with them, we can point the way to Christ. Other people will be incredibly turned off, even hostile though we may be living in a kind and loving way toward them.

Spiritual attraction and resistance, Paul marvels at the supernatural dynamics that occur within human relationships when the presence of Jesus fills us. You can become a person of spiritual presence.

Learn more in this episode of Thread.


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