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Thread #88: Why we all need to be in fellowship

May 17, 2013

Ever moved to a new city and had a hard time finding a church that fits you? Keep searching, but you might need to think smaller. For its first 300 years followers of Jesus seldom met in groups numbering more than a dozen or two. Ancient houses were quite small and most groups were limited in size to one room. This type of church was fully sufficient to meet the needs of all Christians for training in God’s word, for worship and for mutual encouragement. The secret was in the bonds of true commitment to Christ that bound the small, often-persecuted group together, not in any attractive program being offered by their church organization. They met because they all deeply loved Jesus and wanted to gather to sing worship and pray to the Father together through him. Find this and you will find spiritual health. If you can’t find it, start one. God will show you how. Learn more in this week’s episode of Thread.



  1. chuckquinley says:

    Today a listener wrote:
    “I started listening to your podcast last May 5. Every night I listen to your podcast; then the morning after listening, questions or follow up questions about the topic will just come up. I just realized that I’m a hard person to talk to because of all these reasons and logic, and how I’m just wired to think. Every night, God will use one or two of your episodes again to answer my questions. These went on for the whole week. Also a friend from work kept giving me advises, but I just nod and won’t really listen to her. I’ll block her advise with my own reason, saying “It might work for you, but how sure are you that it’ll work the same for me.”

    God just used your podcast to talk to me, answer me, restore me, and put me back to a walking state with Him again. Now, I’m glad I’m above 50% restored and full of His words. I’m slowly getting my feet on the ground again with God. It was also funny how your messages and my friend’s advise was almost the same.Obviously, God was using both of you to talk to me and wake me up.”

  2. chuckquinley says:

    Thanks for writing! It’s a great encouragement to me. CQ

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