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Thread #51: Christian community

February 16, 2011

Does your Christianity have a rectangular or circular shape? Early disciples assumed their place in the circle of a small group community. Everyone interacted, knew and was known by the others. That’s how it was for 300 years. Then came the church building…shaped in a rectangle. Stiff pews, face forward. Watch the show. Listen to the sermon. Money in the offering please. Let’s go back to Jesus idea of what his radical agape love movement was all about. Maybe it can help us to bring some body life into our modern forms of church. ┬áLearn more on today’s Thread podcast.



  1. I like the “circle vs. rectangle” ob.

    The singing with others is a little difficult for most people. Even people who can sing feel like they’re trotting it out if they let loose. Those who can’t seem to sing the loudest and that’s no “joyful noise.”

    Maybe in the future, you can throw at us a few practical ways to make that happen and make it a good thing. Many can’t wait for the songs to end… that’s what I’ve found in my experience… and they need to be taught the importance of what’s happening in expression of music and voice.

    Just a thought.

    1. chuckquinley says:

      Yep, I agree. Whenever Nathan leaves the nest music goes with him. It’s the hardest part to do without someone playing a guitar or even a Uke. I was at a house church last week and nobody much knew anything about church since they were seekers and newly from Buddhist backgrounds. But I just kept thinking that there is really so much power in music. Those words stick with you and burn into you. Those leading house churches need to take a few days and select a set of, what do you think?…about 10 core songs with solid lyrics that aren’t hard to sing. Just sing them till everyone knows them by heart and sings them at home too. Worship is more than singing the songs, but until we know the songs its hard to use them and transcend them to get to worship. Thanks for the comment, Paul. coming from such an accomplished musician it is even more welcome. Any more ideas on music in small group gatherings?

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