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Thread #50: Doing what you can for God with what you’ve got

February 09, 2011

Ever wish you could do something for God to show your love and gratefulness but feel unqualified to find a place of service? In this Thread we get Christ’s take on official religion versus just doing whatever you can with what you’ve got. We met a man on our last trip to Burma who is poor by anyone’s standards, yet in a very beautiful way he has done an amazing act of service. He was visiting a village when a woman approached him to say, “I’m going to throw this baby away. Do you want it?” Though he was single he took the infant home with him and has raised him as his son. Just do what you can as Love tells you how to respond to circumstances that present themselves to you. You can see this truth lived out in this, our 50th Thread broadcast.

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  1. Terry Ross says:


    This thread #50 is an excellent, confirming reminder of our sermon this past Sunday morning. It was titled, Living in Radical Generosity. It wasn’t necessarily about money, although that is certainly an aspect of radical generosity. It was broader in that it addressed the very things you taught in this thread. We all have been blessed with resources of some type in life. For some it is tangible wealth or the ability to make and multiply wealth. For others it is abilities, gifts, skills (either learned or natural) and talents.

    The question then becomes, “Will I be a giver or a taker in life”? Givers give lavishly in almost every facet of their lives out of grateful, thankful & trusting hearts. They are grateful and thankful for the daily provisions of Christ for their lives and for those they love. Further, they trust Christ as the giver of all good things. As such, they trust that He will continue to pour blessings into an open-ended conduit that spills over into many other lives & situations. Takers live in fear of losing the little (or much) they have. As a result, they become hoarders who eventually see that even what they have tried to “hoard” has rotted, spoiled or sat undiscovered and unused for the glory and honor of no one – no cause – no good – no ongoing heritage – nothing. I say that being poured out for Christ of all that I am and and everything I have is the only sensible choice. Thanks again for reminding us to use whatever Christ has blessed us with to touch others’ lives with hope, love, tenderness and the fragrant scent of Christ’s compassion & love.

    “Little is much when God is in it”!

    1. chuckquinley says:

      …and you, my dear friend, have been a giver for the entire 20 years I have known you. As Jack Hayford wrote, “Giving is the key to everything.”

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