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Thread #13: On Being Judged & Misunderstood

September 15, 2009

Someone once wrote “The closer I walk with the Lord, the fewer of my friends want to walk with me.” I think this is an issue that has affected everyone who has gotten serious about the path of discipleship with Jesus as Lord. Even in the church we may be judged and our loved ones may become concerned about our “obsession” with worship and radical steps of obedience. Jesus walked this road before us. Join him and find companionship on the Journey into the Kingdom of God.


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  1. Marsha says:

    I could really relate to this…. I met my husband during my rebellious (against my God) years. So, when I realized that I was just breaking myself against God’s law and turn my life around my husband is a bit ‘worried.’ I remember, once he asked me not tell his friends about my faith because “they might think you are strange.” Even his friends would tell me that I am great, except “that Christian thing.”

    I’m just glad that even if my husband don’t agree with me (he’s self-confess agnostic), he goes to church every Sunday to ‘please me.’ Actually, he told me that even if he don’t understand the need of ‘religion,’ he knew that whatever I am doing, it is because I want the best for him and our marraige.

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