Are Christians Different?

Recent surveys of Christian behavior versus that of unbelievers have yielded surprising results. In testing Christians likelihood of divorce compared to that of the general public, the stats are identical. Christian in bondage to pornography, still about the same (over 40% of men). They tested those Christians whose tested behavior was of a considerably higher standard and sought the answer as to what made them different. Was it church attendance? Christian music? Nope. There was only one verifiable distinction behind their higher level of holiness and commitment to Christ. Ready? They engaged the Scriptures 4 times a week in some form. Devotions. Bible reading. Memory Verses.

God’s word has power to bring life to us and set us apart as a light to our generation. Let’s open the book and ponder the truth we find so we can put it into practice.

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  1. Marsha says:

    I completely agree.

    I remember when I was with my hubby in Papaua New Guinea (PNG). He worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and was really isolated from the world then. I can’t go out because I don’t drive, and PNG is not the safest place to walk around even in he broad daylight. Since I was still a backslider then, I did not bother to bring christian books or music cd’s.

    Ironically, what really keep me then was the word of God that I memorized during my church days. It made me realized that yes PNG is not safe, but if I will put my trust in Him, He will deliver me from evil. And even if I was isolated from the world, He was with me always.

    Our acquintances used to ask me if I did get bored. Really, during those time, never! I was too busy meditating His word and claiming His promises and I believed those Word lead me back to Him.

  2. my pastor alexander isaguirre used to tell us that it’s how much time we spend with God that really change us. if really we haven’t spent time with God in our time alone, those times will be spent to something that the world is so busy occupying. in turn, there would be really no difference if we will compare ourselves with the world. it’s not enough thatt you’ve said the sinner’s prayer or that you regularly attended church service. you can’t even find God in the church. you can only find Him if you seek Him with all of your heart and meditate on His word day and night and putting His words into actions.
    Jesus said that it’s a battle we are facing and no battle would be easy. we have to shed off every bit of self-centeredness in us that don’t want to yield to God’s Word.
    Move from being a nominal Christian to an exceptional Christian. battle the spirit of complacency! it’s easy if you’ll just try. Jesus is already victorious on the cross. He will give you victory on the areas of your bondage whether sexual immorality, and addictions. Move in faith. God says you are already a Conqueror, more than a Conqueror! God bless you

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