It all started with a 10 year old and a radio…

Sherry and I spent 20 years teaching college, training leaders and planting churches until the day we got in the car with our 10 year old daughter and watched her turn on the radio and sing the lyrics to every song.  She didn’t miss one word.

I thought, “This stuff is just too powerful.  The church is losing its voice because we don’t know how to speak to this generation.”

So, we resigned from it all. I went to video production school and we used all we had learned in 20 years of shaping leaders to found a new kind of mission training center,  Medialight, in Northern Thailand, in the center of the Buddhist world.

Introducing Medialight

Eunhae teaching in Burma

Medialight trainer, Eunhae Strobridge, with students in Myanmar.

Medialight helps believers develop into powerful, balanced leaders and effective modern communicators of the Gospel.  All this is so they can reach their own people with the world's most important message. Medialight has become a trusted training partner for ministries such as Wycliff, People for Care and Learning, and a host of church networks.

We have an elite crew of professionals serving you at Medialight.   Together we have helped equip students from 28 nations. (Click this link to learn more about the 10 week Medialight program in Northern Thailand.)

In addition to training, we produce media of our own. Our gospel videos are currently in use by leading media outreaches such as YesHeIs.com.  Here's a sample video that has been translated into over a dozen languages already.  (Here's a link to our Vimeo channel).

Kids from the Akha tribe watching a film showing. Every eye locked on to the screen.

Kids from the Akha tribe watching a film showing. Every eye locked on to the screen.

We refine our training content each year using the feedback of our multinational student body.

Why our content will be valuable to you

If you would like to learn more about:

  • Your unique strengths and giftedness and what it tells you about your calling in life
  • Using social media to gather a tribe of 1,000 engaged followers
  • How to use your cell phone alone to shoot videos that get noticed
  • How to gather a team so you can create quality media for your nation
  • What gear you should avoid wasting money on
  • How to become a powerful storyteller
  • How the painful parts of your story are your secret weapon in ministering to others
  • Raising the funds you need to serve as a missions volunteer
  • And so, so much more...

Then we invite you to join our community.  It's free!  Welcome to Medialight Online!


Chuck, Sherry and your friends at Medialight


We Invite You to Join Medialight!

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